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No Complaining! 

Can a family of four resist the urge to gripe and grumble for three weeks? Read what happens when one intrepid family takes on the challenge in the September 2014 issue of kiwi magazine.


No Complaining



Top 10 Myths About Labor and Delivery 

When it comes to birth, there’s a ton of old wives’ tales and misconceptions. Theses ones (you’ve heard most of them before!) simply aren’t true.


432183_10150605693818071_1545706966_a Couples Quiz! What Your Cooking Style Says About Your Relationship!
Do you serve up the same-old, same-old every night, or do you simmer some seriously sexy foreplay while in the kitchen? Take our quiz to find out what your cooking style says about your relationship, and read our recipes to help you become master chefs!




You Need to Relax!

You’ve got a to-do list a mile long and an ever-looming deadline: your due date. Here, 11 ways to deal with stress during pregnancy.





Store More for Less!

No-cost and low-cost fixes for overstuffed closets



“That Organizer Changed My Life!”

Life-changing solutions to solve any clutter problem






16 Awesome New Clutter-Busters

Organizing experts say they can’t live without this stuff!



20 Secrets of Extremely Organized People

Envy people who keep it all together? Don’t hate them—be one of them. We went to professional organizers to find out what it takes to have a smooth-running household. Here are 20 of their top house rules to bring order to your roost.





The Wrong Way to Clean

Learn from pros how to do it better and faster. Timesaving tips and tools that really work!


Baby Milestones: What Baby Will Do When  527609_10150690909577961_119167643_a

Baby’s first year is full of, well, firsts. Here’s your guide for what to expect when—and what to do if baby’s a little off schedule.


Baby Sleep Myths—Busted 527609_10150690909577961_119167643_a

When you have a baby in the house, it seems like everything revolves around his sleep—and anyone and everyone will give you advice on it, from safety tips to how to get more of it. But a lot of that “sage advice” is actually wrong, inlcuding these seven popular baby sleep myths. Don’t believe them for a second!


5 Pregnancy Sex Myths—Busted  527609_10150690909577961_119167643_a

Will doing it hurt the baby? Or induce labor? Here, we take on the common misconceptions of having sex while you’re expecting.


Can’t. Stay. Awake   734182_10151389753347355_8856599_a

18 Ways to Beat Pregnancy Fatigue


Disturbing New Parenting Trends You Should Know About

There’s plenty to debate when it comes to parenting: breast vs. bottle, whether to bank cord blood, what to name baby. But lately, a rash of disturbing parenting trends are popping up and they’re aren’t just controversial, they’re downright dangerous. Here are the worst offenders.


The Biggest Parenting Trends of 2011

The ’80s, Sex-Starved Wives, High-Tech Tots + More!


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