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How Sleep Loss Can Lead to Weight Gain

It’s pretty well known that exercise can help you drop a few pounds. But did you know that a good night’s sleep will prevent you from gaining weight in the first place?


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10 Exercises to Do With Baby

10 Creative ways to workout with your baby by your side. Published on The Bump: 10 Exercises to Do With Baby

Forget about losing the baby weight in three months, a la Beyonce or Heidi Klum. You’re not going on tour or walking the runway, so give yourself some time, set your own pace, and enjoy time with that super cute baby. And do these  moves you with your mini-me by your side to keep you fit.

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Healthy Fast Food? Here’s How…

A recent article I wrote for The Bump: What to Order—and What to Avoid—at a Fast Food Chain When You’re Pregnant

You’re ravenous, on the road, and there’s not a health-food spot in sight. Whether you’re traveling for business or a babymoon, navigating the menu at fast food restaurants can be challenging—even when you’re not pregnant. (Plus, that Big Mac is calling your name.) So what do you do?